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Majestic yet welcoming reception rooms, boasting inspiring views and first-class dining

Our reception rooms embody the grandeur and elegance of this medieval fortress, providing an exquisite backdrop for your memorable moments.

Magnificent yet intimate dining and lounge areas, roaring fires, breathtaking views and spiral staircases inviting exploration and adventure.

Castle Reception Rooms

Photography by: Sasa

Garrison – Reception Room

Cocktails, receptions, ceremonies, dancing and parties

Ascend to the top floor and discover The Garrison, a space that effortlessly marries history with versatility. This atmospheric room is not only a captivating setting for wedding ceremonies but can be transformed to suit a variety of events. With its views over the countryside and historic charm, The Garrison provides a unique backdrop for your celebrations, making every moment truly unforgettable.

Room Size 110.76m2
80 Max Guest Capacity
Ceiling Mood Lighting & Majestic Candle Chandlers
Log Burner
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Room Size 110.88m2
80 Max Guest Capacity
Ceiling Mood Lighting & Majestic Candle Chandlers
Large Fireplace
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Great Hall – Reception Room

Feasts and banquets, dancing and parties

Step into the heart of Borthwick Castle as you enter the Great Hall, our magnificent main reception room. This space has witnessed centuries of history and is now a splendid venue for dining and dancing. The vaulted ceiling adds a touch of regality, while the open fireplace radiates warmth, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your special occasions.

State Room – Principle Castle Lounge

A haven of sophistication

Located on the mid-level of the castle, The Stateroom is a haven of sophistication. An ideal lounge area, it plays host to drinks and canapés, making it the perfect spot for socialising. Indulge in the luxury of afternoon tea or elevate your experience with whisky tastings in this refined space. The Stateroom offers a delightful blend of comfort and style, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Room Size 112.32m2
40 Max Guest Capacity
Drinks Bar
Large Fireplace
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Your ultimate Scottish castle experience